Het Turkije Instituut is sinds eind 2015 gesloten. Aanleiding tot dit besluit was het gebrek aan perspectief op nieuwe fondsen, mede in het licht van de ontwikkelingen in Turkije. De website (turkije-instituut.nl) is nog wel toegankelijk als informatiebron. Hierdoor zal althans een deel van de expertise die in de afgelopen acht jaar is opgebouwd behouden blijven.

Further Information

Structure & Staff
The Turkey Institute is governed by a board of supervisors (Bestuur).
The Institute has a permanent staff of three persons. Staff members typically have a background in History, Turkology, and International Relations. The Institute regularly offers internships to university students. Proficiency in Dutch however is a requirement.

Funding of the Institute
The establishment of the Turkey Institute was made possible by contributions from Dutch multinational companies and the Municipality of The Hague. Next to this, the Institute generates revenues through lectures, seminars, advisory services and project management, mostly commissioned by Dutch governmental institutions and agencies.

Services and Cooperation
All interested parties are welcome to request the expertise of the Turkey Institute. For instance, we provide tailor made lectures, trainings and workshops for companies or organizations that (plan to) manage projects in Turkey and wish to be briefed on specific topics, including the political situation in Turkey, the Turkish economy, Turkish (business) culture and Turkish foreign policy. We retain an extensive network of experts throughout Europe and Turkey and regularly liaise with other institutions to organize Turkey-related events and activities. The Institute may charge a fee depending on the client and the requested service. Please contact the Institute for more information.

Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Tel. +31 (0) 71 527 2541

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