Het Turkije Instituut is sinds eind 2015 gesloten. Aanleiding tot dit besluit was het gebrek aan perspectief op nieuwe fondsen, mede in het licht van de ontwikkelingen in Turkije. De website (turkije-instituut.nl) is nog wel toegankelijk als informatiebron. Hierdoor zal althans een deel van de expertise die in de afgelopen acht jaar is opgebouwd behouden blijven.

The Turkey Institute

Turkije Instituut (the Turkey Institute) is a knowledge hub, focusing on providing a diverse Dutch audience with accurate and in-depth information on Turkey. In addition to information dissemination, the Institute focuses its activities on bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Focus on Turkey
Turkey is a vibrant country with increasing economic clout and a critical geostrategic location, positioned between Europe, the Caucasus and the Middle East. In the past decade, Turkey underwent crucial changes democracy and the rule of law. It also saw its per capita income more than double as it became an important regional player. Next to this, Europe is home to more than 3 million citizens of Turkish descent. As a rising power, Turkey offers Europe many opportunities in the fields of trade, investment, knowledge exchange and cultural cooperation. Correspondingly, there is a growing demand for reliable and in-depth information about Turkey. Recognizing these developments, the Turkey Institute was established in 2007 in The Hague (Netherlands) as an independent knowledge hub, where the demand and supply of information about Turkey meet. The Institute aims to contribute to an image of Turkey that takes into account the political, social and economic developments of the recent past, as well as the considerable challenges it faces in the twenty-first century.

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